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August 15, 2023

Exploring the Craft: Unveiling the Stills at Seed & Spirit Distillery

When it comes to crafting exquisite spirits, the heart of the process lies within the stills. At Seed & Spirit Distillery, the art of distillation comes to life through a collection of distinct stills, each contributing to the creation of exceptional liquors that tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating stills that shape the spirits at Seed & Spirit.

Stilly Strings & Still Murray: A Tribute to Tradition

The journey at Seed & Spirit began with the time-tested elegance of alembic pot stills. Named Stilly Strings and Still Murray, these 250-gallon alembic pot stills represent the essence of the distillery’s origins. The straight pot still design, a classic choice utilized worldwide, forms the foundation of these two stills. It’s a design known for its ability to capture and transport the intricate flavors of the mash or wort, resulting in spirits of unparalleled richness and depth.

The unique charm of the alembic still lies in its necessity for 2-3 distillations per batch to achieve the desired end product. However, the reward is in the distinct flavors it imparts. Seed & Spirit employs these alembic stills to produce signature brands like Whiszcal, A’TIF, Friendly Fire, and Expedition Whiskey. The unmistakable difference in taste speaks volumes about the impact of these stills on the final product.

Stillie Nelson: Versatility Redefined

Alembic Pot Stills & Hybrid Pot-Column Still at Fort Collins Distillery | Largest Distiller in Northern ColoradoStanding tall as a symbol of versatility is ‘The Hoss’ – Stillie Nelson. A hefty 600-gallon pot and column hybrid still with a gin botanical basket, this production powerhouse is designed to create finished spirits in a single run, making it capable of producing an impressive array of liquors – from whiskey and vodka to gin, brandy, and rum.

But this still’s utility doesn’t end there. Stillie Nelson can also collaborate with the alembic stills as a primary stripping still, ensuring an efficient and streamlined distillation process. With its multifunctional capabilities, this 600-gallon wonder serves as the backbone of Seed & Spirit’s distillation operations.

Crafting Excellence: A Flavorful Future

The art of distillation is an intricate dance of science, tradition, and innovation, and Seed & Spirit Distillery gracefully navigates this terrain through its exceptional stills. From the Stilly Strings and Still Murray’s homage to tradition to Stillie Nelson’s versatile prowess, each still has a distinct role in shaping the spirits that grace the glasses of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Whether it’s the rich complexity of Whiszcal, the refined taste of Expedition & Friendly Fire Spirits, or the vibrant spirits enjoyed in their tasting room, Seed & Spirit’s dedication to craftsmanship shines through every drop. These stills aren’t just vessels for distillation; they’re conduits for creativity, taste, and the unforgettable spirit of Seed & Spirit Distillery.