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Marketing Materials

We’re always happy to get press, and here you’ll find copy written about us and content sent out to various media outlets. You’ll also see items about what’s new at Seed & Spirit, along with upcoming events and special promotions. Below you will find items that may be useful for your particular project. If you need something that you do not see here, contact us and we’ll help you.

Seed & Spirit Press Kit

Our Logo

A wreath of grains encircling a drop of the water that goes into our copper alembic stills—we think our logo reveals a lot about who we are.

Our Images

These images are copyrighted, but may be used under a Creative Commons designation for promotional, media, and educational purposes. Contact us for more information and permissions.

Our Marketing Copy

The items here describe our products, some of our processes, along with a synopsis of our ideals and what we have in store for our products and processes.