The Pride of Seed & Spirit

We are a top-of-the-line Colorado spirit distillery, and our Malthouse is the backbone of everything we do. We also have malted grains for sale as whole grain or hammer-milled for your particular need. Contact us for more details!

Find Out What Sets Us Apart

When everything is made from scratch with locally grown products and is 100% handcrafted in house to create top-quality spirits derived from our unique recipes, malting techniques, perfect blending, and a dedication to set a new Colorado spirit distilling standard… well, let’s just say you can taste the difference.

The Seed & Spirit Philosophy

100% In-house

We are proud to be able to say that our whole process happens here at our Colorado spirit distillery.

Malt Our Own Grain

We take pride in malting all of our own grain and monitor quality throughout the process at our private malthouse.

Positive Impact

We focus on creating a lasting positive impact on our local economy, environment, farming community, Colorado spirit distillery neighborhood and broader state abundant landscape!

Colorado Ingredients

We source local ingredients whenever possible, from as close to our Colorado spirits distillery as we can.

Unique Bottling

We use innovative bottling techniques, featuring unique applications of hardwoods.

Order Malt

Are you a fellow distiller in need of high-quality malted grains? We have malted grains for sale. Get in touch with our Malting Production manager Jon Motley to get a quote and get your stills up and running!

Our Malthouse Products

Our Tasting Room

Come on in for a drink and sample everything that Seed & Spirit has to offer! We are hard at work to get our tasting room ready for you, and can’t wait to share our wonderful spirits with the public.