We are dedicated to helping support our community through our Colorado Whiskey brands and other spirits

Non-Profit History

We are dedicated to using our platform to raise awareness and financial support through our liquor distillery’s products and brands. We believe that we all have a duty to uplift those in need when possible. Please consider what you can do in your daily lives to make the world a better place, and do what you can to support by choosing our handcrafted whiskey and other spirits!


We support the following nonprofits and their missions

Semper Fi & America’s Fund cares for our nation’s critically wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and military families. Supporting all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, we provide one-on-one case management, connection, and lifetime support. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Positive Legacy integrates music and service to benefit people and the planet. They are grantmakers who coordinate environmental and humanitarian service projects fueled by the power of music. They transcend cultural boundaries by attending to the needs and aspirations of the communities where music happens. They create sustainable support through action from musicians and fans.

Trees, Water & People was cofounded in 1998 by Richard Fox and Stuart Conway, two foresters and friends who saw an urgent need to address the pervasive deforestation in Latin America. As their vision evolved, they quickly realized that without addressing the underlying causes of deforestation, they would never be able to stop it.

Conscious Alliance feeds families in communities that need it most. Their network of creative people — artists, musicians, food makers, and fans — use their time and talents to make that happen. The alliance empowers young people to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in underserved communities.