Seed & Spirit Distilling:
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July 6, 2023

Introducing Seed & Spirit Distillery: Crafting Colorado Spirits with a Purpose

Welcome to Seed & Spirit Distillery, where innovation and craftsmanship meet. Headquartered in Fort Collins, a city known for its vibrant craft beverage scene, Seed & Spirit Distillery creates small batch handcrafted spirits that push the boundaries of flavor and quality. Here’s a dive into the essence of our new distillery, the art of crafting unique products, and the aspirations and objectives that drive us forward.

The Seed & Spirit Philosophy

As our name implies, we embrace a ‘seed to spirit’ philosophy, which encompasses the entire process of spirit distilling. From the very beginning, we are involved in every step. We grow our own heirloom corn varieties, buy local grain ingredients, source sustainably harvested heirloom organic wild agave and work daily to source all products locally.  After harvest, we carefully malt our grains in-house, then ferment, distill and age all our products in our Fort Collins facility. Finally, we bottle the spirit products in what has quickly become one of Northern Colorado’s largest production distilleries. This hands-on ‘seed to spirit’ approach allows us to control the quality, flavor, and character of our products, which serve as the foundation of our one-of-a-kind craft spirits. The difference can be tasted in every bottle.


The unforgettable experience of something new is at your fingertips. Our borderless spirit is a perfect marriage of smoked Mexican Wild Agave Spirit and a full-body 3 grain White Whiskey. Whiszcal is 100% produced in-house, from the Colorado grown malted grains to the smoked agave, we take distilling to a whole new level. A never before seen spirit, is a once in a lifetime experience! We source our wild Mexican agave from the mountains and valleys of Southern Mexico. Then in-house smoke infuses it with a proprietary blend of hardwoods before open vat fermentation and double distilling. With grains locally sourced from farmland on the Colorado plains, our vision of a handcrafted exotic blend of two spirits adds a modern twist to the creative flavors of traditional distilling. Stop by our website and check out what this brand new spirit has going on,

Friendly Fire Spirits

Introducing Friendly Fire Spirits, a complex and full-bodied Colorado whiskey line distilled with a purpose. This sweet and mellow spirit is the result of our relentless pursuit of perfection, combining traditional techniques with proprietary innovative methods. Its smooth texture and rich flavor profile are a testament to our commitment to small batch craft distilling here in Fort Collins, and its aesthetic and philanthropic connection are in honor of those who honorably served in the U.S. military, especially veterans in crisis. We rest this 100% handcrafted Colorado moonshine for 22 days before bottling, in solemn tribute to the memory of those veterans who lose their lives to suicide each day, we stand in support of the ‘22 a day’ suicide prevention movement. A portion of the sale of every bottle of Friendly Fire is donated to Semper Fi & America’s Fund, a nonprofit organization supporting service members and their families. Check out the website at for more information. 

Crafted Spirits with an Amplified Impact

Our purpose extends beyond crafting exceptional spirits. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world around us. Our partnerships are our way of honoring those who have made incredibly selfless sacrifices, and trying to make positive impacts that contribute to the betterment of our world. To that end, we’ve secured philanthropic affiliations with the non-profit organizations Semper Fi & America’s Fund, Conscious Alliance, Positive Legacy, and Trees, Water & People.

Innovation in Liquid Artistry

Our creativity fuels our product development program as we are driven to explore new flavors, combinations, and distillation techniques. We embrace experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in alcoholic beverage development. This commitment to innovation ensures that each product from Seed & Spirit Distilling is a unique experience, capturing the finesse and passion we put into every bottle. Be on the lookout for lots of exciting products coming your way in the near future! We believe in bringing a new consumer experience to the table, with our Age at Home barrels, Angel Devil release, Wagon Wheel Aging and various other experiences the consumer can have more control in the taste and how their spirits are enjoyed.  

Raising a glass and the standard of distilled spirits in Colorado!

Seed & Spirit is more than just another distillery in Fort Collins. Sure, craft spirits are what we live and breathe. But there’s more to it. Our name and logo are symbols of our passion for crafting exceptional spirits with locally-sourced grains and innovative techniques. Deeply integral to this philosophy is our commitment to supporting sustainability, and community vitality, while giving back. We invite you to join us on this journey and to savor the flavors and stories within each bottle of our handcrafted, small batch spirits. Together, let’s raise a glass to this new chapter of Colorado distilling, reimagined from seed to spirit. Enjoy in good health with good friends!